Oct 03

Always Available Input

We build novel Interfaces that enable users to access and input information on the go. We use different sensors (e.g., EMG, IMU) and interaction techniques to connect users with information.

Smart devices play an arguably more important role in their daily lives. These devices provide blind people with information about transit and local businesses that they rely on when traveling, and enable them to live more independently. However, people with disabilities face major challenges when interacting with mainstream devices on the go, where users must switch their attention between the environment and a device. Besides the high cognitive load, controlling mobile devices on the go is also time-consuming when one hand occupied by guide dogs or canes. 

Our goal is to create a system that enables people to enter input and perceive output from a computing device anywhere and anytime, without requiring a user to find and remove a phone from a purse or interact with its screen.

A user is using our system.
System Scheme